US troops raid Iraq Freedom Congress offices

An urgent alert from the Iraq Freedom Congress:

US Troops raid offices of Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC) in Baghdad

On September 7 and 8, U.S occupying troops raided the head office of IFC in Baghdad. The raid came after a number of IFC public activities against the occupation. The troops were outraged when they saw the anti-occupation banners and posters showing international solidarity with the Iraqi people hanging on the walls. They reacted aggressively and ruined all internal doors, destroyed furniture, and confiscated most of the office property.

Fearful of growing influence of the IFC, the US administration in Iraq are resorting to violence and force to silence our voice. Since its inception in March 2005, the IFC has been the main advocate of an end to the occupation and the promoter of a non-religious, non- ethnic progressive secular Iraq. With support from all sections of Iraqi society including the labour, women, youth and the secularist movements, the US administration find themselves unable to deal with this growing force.

We, the abroad executive committee, condemn these brutal acts, and call upon all concerned people and supporters of Iraq Freedom Congress and the Iraqi people to express their disgust at the US action against the IFC and to show their solidarity with the people of Iraq and the IFC.

Things you can do to support our struggle and expose the US hypocrisy in Iraq:

… Ask your members of parliaments to write a statement against these actions and publish it in the papers.
… Publish the news of the raid in you r local paper.
… Write letters of protest to US embassy around the world
… Write messages of solidarity to IFC in Iraq to show your support and solidarity with their struggle.

Please do send us a copy of your letters.

In solidarity
Iraq freedom Congress-Abroad executive committee

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