US preparing Syria invasion?

Is the current fighting along Iraq’s Syrian border actually a prelude to a US invasion of Syria? Certain voices in the Arab world seem to think so. This from UPI, June 15:

AMMAN, Jordan — The United Arab Emirates’ al-Bayan reported Wednesday the United States was massing troops on the Syrian-Iraqi border and Damascus complained of repeated U.S. military penetration into Syrian territory. The pro-government daily quoted unidentified Arab officials as saying Egypt and Saudi Arabia “have reliable information from Damascus of U.S. military mobilization on the Syrian-Iraqi border.” They said U.S. forces have repeatedly entered Syrian territory on the “pretext of chasing infiltrators and Iraqi insurgents.” The sources told the paper the Syrian leadership told Cairo and Riyadh it was “exercising self-restraint in the face of these American provocations and will not be pulled into any attempt aimed at finding a pretext to attack Syria.” They added Egypt and Saudi Arabia will express their “grave concern over the growing U.S. administration’s threats against Syria” during Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s visit to the Middle East that starts at the end of the week.

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