US-Colombia joint operation nabs suspected Mexican capos

Colombian authorities say that three of 21 drug trafficking suspects arrested Feb. 8 are closely linked to Joaquin Guzmán AKA “El Chapo” (Sinaloa Cartel), Mexico’s most wanted drug lord. The alleged drug traffickers—all wanted for extradition by the US—were arrested following “Operation Frontiers,” a joint US-Colombian operation. The suspects allegedly oversaw air trafficking of Colombian cocaine, and some are professional pilots. They are believed to belong to trafficking organizations “Loco Barrera,” “Los Mellizos” and “Los Rastrojos.”

Operation Frontiers was the biggest anti-drug operation carried out jointly by Colombia and the US since Operation Milenio in 1999, when 31 of Colombia’s most important capos were arrested. (Colombia Reports, Feb. 8)

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