Tibetan monks still face sweeps

<em>Monks protest at Labrang Monastery</em>” title=”<em>Monks protest at Labrang Monastery</em>” class=”image thumbnail” height=”54″ width=”100″></a><span class=Monks protest at Labrang MonasteryMass arrests of monks and their supporters continue in Tibet and the neighboring Tibetan ethnic regions of the People’s Republic of China. Ten monks were arrested May 12 at Khenpa Lungpa Monastery for defying the “patriotic re-education” campaign, in which authorities demand ritual denunciations of the Dalai Lama in surprise raids on monasteries. Six monks were arrested May 13 at Woeser Monastery, and two lay Tibetans arrested there May 14. Both monasteries are in Garthog township, Markham county, Chamdo prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. (TCHRD, May 15) On May 7, thousands of People’s Armed Police and Public Security Bureau personnel surrounded Labrang Monastery, Xiahe County, Gansu province, detaining around 140 monks. The next day, monks from the monastery held a protest to demand the release of those arrested. All but seven of those arrested were released after the protest. (TCHRD, May 9)

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