Thailand debates religion —as terror escalates

A proposal to make Buddhism the national religion of Thailand in the country’s new constitution has sparked huge debate. Though overwhelmingly Buddhist (95% of the country), Thailand is in the grips of escalating strife in the southern, predominantly Muslim parts of the country.

A Buddhist woman, Patcharapom Busamad, was shot on her way to work [April 11] before her body was burned beyond recognition by at least two assailants in the south of the country.

Thai army officials have blamed the deaths of four Muslim students killed in clashes with local villager militia on the Muslims, who allegedly attacked a checkpoint on their way back from a funeral in the southern district of Yala.

A bomb exploded [April 10] outside a Bangkok shopping center that has been targeted before by terrorists. No casualties were incurred by the explosion.

From Security Briefs, April 11

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