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Dear Readers:

We are still trying to work out some technical bugs on our blog, which is why you cannot post comments at the moment. Please be patient. Meanwhile, we continue to appeal for your support.

In our winter fund pitch, we noted the irony that our journalism and commentary this year has won us the epithets of both “ultra-leftists” and co-opted “gatekeepers”; both “anti-Semites” and part of the “Zionist media.” We always say there’s no greater vindication than getting it from both sides, so we wear this opprobrium like a badge of pride.

But there’s another kind of vindication we need right now: the kind that pays the rent. Producing WW4 REPORT is a full-time job, and if you want us to continue we need your support. We still have $1,685 to go to make our winter fund-raising goal. If all our readers supported us with even a modest donation, we’d be there in no time.

Please send what you can today. Find your category (honestly) on our handy chart:

Minors, indigent and prisoners: FREE
Students, fixed-income and unemployed: $5
Working class Jane/Joe: $10
Professionals with health insurance: $25
Trust-fund rads: $50
Upwardly-mobile liberals: $75
Already-have-it-all liberals: $100
Just plain rich liberals: $200
Filthy rich liberals: $300
Confused Republicans who like us because we’re “anti-government”: $500
Mike Ruppert: $1,000
Michael Moore: $2,000
Barbara Streisand: $5,000
George Clooney: $10,000
Woody Harrelson: $20,000
Paul McCartney: $50,000
Teresa Heinz-Kerry: $75,000
George Soros: $100,000

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Please make checks payable to WORLD WAR 4 REPORT.

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Thank you for your support. We can’t do it without you–really.

Bill Weinberg


Dec. 23, 2006