Stalino-fascists go mainstream

Impeaching George Bush is a damn good idea. But the full page ad in the Jan. 12 New York Times by appears to be a bid by the unrepentantly Stalinist Workers World Party to garner mainstream liberal support, probably to keep pace with the Maoist competition. The ad reads “Articles of impeachment drafted by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark.” We have repeatedly noted that Ramsey Clark is a totalitarian pseudo-left huckster who supports fascism. The ad also plugs the March 17 anti-war march in Washington sponsored by WWP’s front group International ANSWER. Significantly, it does not plug the Jan. 27 march on Washington sponsored by the rival United for Peace & Justice—which has the usual problems with elitism and timidity, but is, at least, not crypto-fascist.

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See also our special report, “THE POLITICS OF THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT, And the Intractable Dilemma of International ANSWER,” WW4 REPORT, December 2005