Somalia: “jihad” against Ethiopian forces opens

Fighting exploded between Islamic Courts Union (ICU) forces and the “official” Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia Dec. 20, just as the ICU’s deadline for Ethiopian troops to quit the country or face a declaration of “jihad” expired. Rocket, mortar and machine-gun battles since have centered on the area around Baidoa where the TFG is based. But ICU leaders emphasize that they consider the real enemy to be the Ethiopian forces. “We are at war with Ethiopia, but not with the (Somali) government,” ICU leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys told Reuters by telephone. (Reuters, Dec. 21)

The International Committee of the Red Cross reported that the fighting has claimed dozens of lives, and that that hospitals and clinics in the region have received at least 200 wounded since Dec. 20. (KUNA, Dec. 22) Hundreds have also fled their homes, especially in the Daynuunay area, and the towns of Baidoa and Buur Hakaba have swelled with internal refugees. (KUNA, Dec. 22) International aid agencies have issued an appeal for $35 million to help deal with more than 34,000 already displaced by Somalia’s fighting. (SomaliNet, Dec. 20)

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  1. Somalia
    Ethiopia here we come. as Somalain man is my duty to stop the invasion of Christian cruders from our beloved homeland. We are fighting all the Christian around the world, Make no mistake about it here is over 35,000 Ethiopian army in Somalia Financed by United States,United kingdom and Churchs and their whole aim is to kill innocent Moslems like they do day in and day out all over world but Ethiopia which is half moslems is already crambling and will be defeated swifty as we did somany times before with gods grace.

    1. This is to all my somalian
      This is to all my somalian brothers.As an Ethiopian it pains me that we are dragged to another senseless war by our dictatorial,child killer ,american puppet of our socalled regime.This war has nothing to do with Ethiopia and Ethiopians.This is solely a weyane war supported by the champions of democracy,America and the socalled samaritan westerrn governments.We Ethiopans are suffering under this brutal regime.Somalians!!we are with you not against you.Please obliterate the false information that the war is with Ethiopia.May God be with you!!

    2. In today’s very competitive
      In today’s very competitive world, civilized people all over over the world are reserching to find the most effective ways to solve human problems. Civilization is all about improving the human condition. Civilization while trying to improve the human condition, it also tries to maintain a healthy, productive and sustainable environment. Unfortunately in this century, the Arab and African people are not contributing anything to civilization. Here is one example, an asian nation, South korea, had about 17000 patent rights in the year 2005, in the same year arab people of all countries have less than 300 patent rights. The arab mind is preoccupied to do evil things, while the korean mind is trying to solve problems and improve the human condition. Arab people, from very young age are thought to hate and lie by their parents and their community. My Advice to Somali brothers is not to follow the Arab example of terrorism, hate and lie.

    3. i agree. the united states
      i agree. the united states should stop its war of terror and its war on islam. for if it doesnt it will be sorry when muslims rule the world ishalllah.

    4. Lesson from history:
      One can be a good neighbour of Ethiopia only in peace, not war. When faced with enemies, we have the history of winning numerous wars. Surprisingly, the Somali militias have not recognized this and claimed land from Ethiopia before they even control Somalia. The declared they are enemies of Ethiopia. Believe me, this is a costy mistake. Neither Somalia nor the militia will benefit, but lose the opportunities they started to foresee.


      1. Weyane will come out of Somalia humilated
        Haile the Weyanay,

        Make no mistake.Weyane will cramble in a matter of months.As usual, You will be back to Dedebit (u know what to do…melemegn).All rebel groups inside Ethiopia are sharpening their sword to slay Meles.
        Don’t forget Eritrea will also jump at you anytime soon.

        1. I agree with you. In my
          I agree with you. In my opinion, you are 100% right. Woyane is going to die fast than anyone expected. But, what I worry if for my people and country, Ethiopia.

          Thank you,

      2. Lesson from history

        I agree with you. We need peace. If not we are not afried war either. Eventhough, Ethiopia and Somalia have a histroy of war we can be good neigber too. If that dose not work, Ethiopia has the right to to diefend from any jihady agresstion.

    5. They are not Ethiopian
      Dear everybody
      The soldiers found in Somalia don’t belong to ethiopian, they are Meles’s soldiers. Try to isolate the people of ethiopia and the Murderer government please. We all are brothers’ of somalia people. Try to understand it please.

      1. we tigray have the power to control any thing
        we all know about the history of ethiopia.they are lezzy but we all know the history of tigray. they are power ful are haro.we can kill all the somalia milita and kenget supporters.
        dont afraid to say we are not ethiopian people. but we have our name.
        tigray.we dont need to hear the history of menilik or h/selassie.
        fuck them up .we have our souverine nation.tigray live for ever

    6. Do not lie
      Never in world history does Somalia defeated Ethiopia. We know each other very well. Let alone the impoverished Somalia European colonial (your past masters) never defeated Ethiopia. Nevertheless, this should not lead us to war. As neighbours-religions aside-we can leave peacefully. We have to be frank and assertive in critically seeing which side is making mistake and critising even our own side if they do the mistake. Stop this blind propoganda and stop lies.

    7. sme
      wish we all had that patriotic feeling ..but in your guys case it is a total diferent story …u guys have claimed to start war against ethiopian that actualy is not your first mistake ..but l’ii asure u this time it”s gonna be your last mistake ..and for the pps of ethiopain be it muslim or christian it is gonna be one hell of a chance to get that parriotic rereshment by cking some islamist ass