Security fences go up —within Mexico

The anti-immigration blog VDare (who get creds for being bilingual) approvingly note from a persual of Monterrey’s daily El Porvenir that the Monterrey suburb of San Nicolas is planning to build a security fence on its border with the neighboring municipality of Guadalupe—reportedly, to keep out thieves and gang activity.

San Nicolas Mayor Zeferino “Chefo” Salgado is pushing the five-mile fence along the river La Talaverna, which divides the two towns. On Feb. 25, residents of the San Nicolas colonias (neighborhoods) adjoining the border will vote in a referendum on the project. “Chefo” told El Porvenir Feb. 22, “I have to give a solution to whom I owe answers and those are the citizens of San Nicolas, this is a necessary measure that we are going to take.” To which VDare adds: “Go get ’em, Chefo! Would that we had more American leaders with your resolve.”

Guadalupe Mayor Cristina Diaz opposes the fence, of course. A Nuevo Leon state sub-prosecutor, Aldo Fasci, also spoke out against the fence, and drew a parallel with that being built on the US border—which, he told El Porvenir Feb. 15, “has not stopped the passage of drugs, nor stolen vehicles, nor weapons, nor indocumentados” (“illegal aliens,” as VDare helpfully translates). VDare then adds: “Well no, but it hasn’t really been built yet, has it?”

Actually guys, 300 miles of it has been built.

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