Russian anarchist dies for Ukraine

Dmitry Petrov

A founding member of a Russian anarchist group responsible for sabotage attacks on military facilities within Russia has died fighting for Ukraine, the group said. Dmitry Petrov was killed fighting near Bakhmut, according to an April 19 statement from the Combat Organization of Anarcho-Communists (BOAK). In a farewell note, written in case of his death and published by BOAK, Petrov stated: “I tried my best to contribute to defeating the dictatorship and to the social revolution. And I am proud of my comrades, who led and are leading the struggle in Russia and abroad.”

Petrov, who had previously fought for the Kurdish forces in Syria, was part of an “Anti-Authoriarian Platoon” integrated into Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces. (, EuroNewsEastern Herald, India)

Photo: Petrov on left. Via Facebook