Reynosa jailbreak: inside job?

In what was probably Mexico’s biggest jailbreak ever Sept. 10, 89 prisoners—66 facing or convicted of federal charges, mostly related to drugs and firearms—used ladders to scale the 20-foot walls of the Execution and Sanction Center (CEDES) in the border city of Reynosa in conflicted Tamaulipas state. Two guards at the facility disappeared along with them, and are assumed to have been in on the scheme. Tamaulipas’ new public safety secretary, José Garza García, said 44 guards and employees of the prison are under investigation. Military sources said the Gulf Cartel is suspected of involvement. So far this year, 201 inmates have escaped from prisons in Tamaulipas. In April, armed men who arrived in 10 cars stormed another Reynosa prison and exchanged gunfire with guards, freeing 13 inmates. (AP, La Jornada, Sept. 11; EuropaPress, Sept. 10)

Reynosa’s prisons have been the scene of exceptionally brutal violence in recent years.

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