Qadaffi brokers Tuareg ceasefire

Tuareg rebels of the Niger Justice Movement (MNJ) announced Aug. 18 they are laying down arms following peace talks brokered by Libya. The announcement was made by the MNJ leader Aghaly ag Alambo, following a meeting across the Libyan border with the country’s leader, Moammar Qadaffi. Alambo said he was also speaking for Tuareg rebels in neighboring Mali, who would disarm too. Ibrahim Ag Bahanga‘s Malian Tuareg rebels meanwhile handed over 21 captives to authorities Aug. 17 in what he called a gesture of “good faith.” The released soldiers join five others turned over to the government since the end of the peace talks in Algeria on July 21. (FOCUS, BBC, Aug. 19; VOA, Aug. 18)

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