Puntland sentences Shabab militants to death

Twelve men charged with the murder of a prominent Islamic scholar, including Shabaab’s purported leader, were sentenced to death after a court found them guilty in Bosaso, commercial capital of Somalia’s autonomous enclave of Puntland. The Puntland North Eastern regional Military Court sentenced the 12, including Shabab chief Ahmed Abdi Godane, to death by firing squad. Under Puntland law, all terrorism cases are held at military courts. Sheikh Ahmed Haji Abdirahman, a cleric, professor and doctor, was shot dead as he was leaving a mosque near his home in Bosaso in December 2011. The killing sparked an international outcry from the Somali diaspora around the world. The deceased Sheikh Abdirahman’s friend and colleague Sheikh Abdiqadir Nur Farah—who spoke out against Shabab after Abdirahman was killed—was recently killed in Puntland’s political capital Garowe while praying at a mosque. (Garowe Online , Feb. 27 via All Africa)