Puntland protesters burn Eritrean flag

The flag of Eritrea was set on fire June 16 in Garoowe, capital of the autonomous Somali region of Puntland, in what local authorities called a protest “to condemn the Eritrean attack on Djibouti.” The autonomous government’s ministers were among those who oversaw the ritual flag-burning amid chants of “Down with Eritrea, Victory to Djibouti!”

Puntland health minister Abdirahman Said Mahmud aka Degaweyne said blood is being donated at blood banks to assist Djibouti’s armed forces, and that livestock has been handed over to Djibouti to be slaughtered for use by its armed forces. Information minister Abdirahman Muhammad Bangah said Puntland is ready to form a united front against Eritrea. (AllPuntland.com, June 16 via Asmara Gazette)

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