Protests and deadly repression sweep Arab world

Security forces fired on hundreds of mourners marching toward Bahrain‘s Pearl Square Feb. 18, with a helicopter spraying fire on protesters as they fled. Marchers were chanting “Peaceful, peaceful” when the troops opened fire. At least 50 were wounded. The funeral march was held to honor those killed in protests the previous day. (NYT, AP, NPR, Feb. 18)

At least five people were hurt and dozens arrested in Kuwait as riot police clashed with hundreds of protesters. Police used water cannon, tear gas, batons and smoke bombs in a bid to disperse more than 500 protesters after they refused calls by authorities to disperse. (Middle East Online, Feb. 18)

Three protesters were killed in clashes with police in Aden, Yemen, with two more killed by a hand grenade in Tae. Street clashes were also reported from Sanaa, the capital. (Middle East Online, Middle East Online, Feb. 18)

In Amman, Jordan, several were injured as protesters were attacked by government supporters. (NYT, Feb. 18)

In Libya, security forces killed at least 24 during a “Day of Rage” protest campaign against strongman Moammar Qadaffi Feb. 17. The largest protests were in the eastern city of Benghazi. (Middle East Online, Feb. 18)

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