Podcast: from Guernica to Syria

In Episode Eight¬†of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg notes the bitter historical irony: In April of¬†1937, the aerial bombardment of the Spanish town of Guernica by the Nazi Luftwaffe shocked the world. Today, what happened there is a near-daily occurrence in Syria (as well as Yemen and elsewhere around the world), and¬†we are so inured to it that the “anti-war” people are actually on the side of the authors of aerial terror.¬†During the Spanish Civil War, the left heroically opposed¬†Generalissimo Francisco Franco’s drive to¬†establish¬†a fascist dictatorship with the aid of¬†German military intervention. Today, it cravenly abets Bashar Assad’s drive to re-establish his fascist dictatorship with the aid of Russian military intervention.¬†Even as Russia scrambles to block any investigation into the Douma chemical attack and other war crimes in Syria, “leftists” shamefully echo Russian propaganda denying any responsibility by Assad.¬†Weinberg again urges that any legitimate anti-war position must begin with opposition to the genocidal regime of Bashar Assad, and with solidarity for the Syrian Revolution. Listen on SoundCloud, and support our podcast via Patreon.

Music: Syrian Revolutionary Dabke

Production by Chris Rywalt

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Photo of Aleppo ruins from UNHCR