Philippines: more terror in Mindanao

At least six people were been killed and many others wounded when a powerful bomb exploded on the southern Philippine island of Jolo on July 7. The bomb, hidden on a motorbike, exploded outside a hardware store; the store owner was one of those killed. The blast was followed around two hours later by a car bomb attack next to a parked military patrol jeep in Iligan City. The second blast wounded at least 24 people, including three soldiers. Police said they had also defused another bomb near the Mount Carmel Cathedral in Jolo. On July 5, a bomb blast outside a cathedral in the Cotabato killed five people and wounded 55. Authorities blamed the Moro Islamic Liberation Front for the Cotabato attack, Mohaqher Iqbal, although MILF spokesman Mohaqher Iqbal denied any involvement. (BBC News, Philippine Star, July 7)

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