Peru: Sendero establishes new command for Upper Huallaga

Peru’s Sendero Luminoso guerillas, thought to be confined to a small pocket of high jungle known as the Apurimac-Ene River Valley (VRAE), on April 27 launched an attack on a government coca-eradication team in the Upper Huallaga Valley, a region to the north of the VRAE that had been the rebels’ principal stronghold in the 1990s. One National Police officer and two eradication workers with Special Control and Reduction Project (CORAH) were killed in the ambush at Alto Corvina, Huánuco region. National Police say the VRAE faction, led by a commander code-named “José,” has now been joined by a Huallaga Valley column, led by a commander “Artemio.” (El Comercio, Lima, May 1; Prensa Latina, April 27)

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