Peru: new incident at Bagua

In an incident that remains unclear Jan. 10, a commando of the Peruvian army’s 6th Jungle Brigade at El Milagro base in Amazonas region fired on local civilian residents who had been employed by the base to build a vigilance post, leaving two injured. The two were evacuated by helicopter to the nearest town—Bagua, the site of the “Amazon’s Tiananmen Square Massacre,” when troops fired on indigenous protesters in June 1989. (La RepublicaRPP, Jan. 10) The massacre, known in Peru as the “Baguazo,” remains the subject of an investigation by Peruvian judicial authorities. The Bagua office of the Fiscalía, Peru’s attorney general, announced Jan. 24 that it will seek life imprisonment for indigenous leader Alberto Pizango, who is accused of firing a rifle blast at police during the incident. Also facing a life term is Joel Shimpukat, brother-in-law of congress member Eduardo Nayap. A total of 53 indigenous activists face charges in the “Baguazo.” (Perú.comAIDESEP, Jan. 24)