Peru: García blames Mexican cartels for Sendero violence

Peru’s President Alan García Nov. 27 blamed his country’s recent rash of guerilla attacks on Mexico’s drug cartels, saying their inroads have sparked violent turf wars. “Mexican cartels are capturing, or trying to capture, the Peruvian market. This is the problem,” Garcia told a group of foreign reporters. “The Mexican cartels are much more aggressive than those from Colombia,” he added. He was speaking the day after five police were killed in a presumed Sendero Luminoso ambush in the jungle zone of Tingo Maria. In the last two months, at least 22 police and soldiers have been killed in Peru. García’s administration says the guerillas have largely abandoned their Maoist ideology in favor of narco-profiteering, and accuse them of teaming up with Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel. (Notimex, Nov. 28; Reuters, Nov. 27)

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