Persian Gulf nuclear sub accident: US denies it

Iran’s Fars News Agency reported April 10 that the US nuclear submarine Newport News polluted the Persian Gulf waters with radioactive and chemical materials after it collided with a Japanese super-tanker, and was forced to leave the Gulf following strong protests by Iranian officials. The Newport News, accompanying the USS Eisenhower, sustained heavy damages when it collided with the Japanese tanker Mogamigava east of Hormuz Strait on Jan. 8, according to Fars. The report also said the ship’s captain Mathew Vinegar was dismissed as a result of the accident. According to an April 12 report in the UAE’s Gulf News, the US Navy has denied the claims.

“The Los Angeles-class attack submarine Newport News left the Arabian Gulf after it successfully completed sea trials in February proving that the submarine was ready for the approximately 9,000 mile transit back to its homeport,” Vice Adm. Kevin Cosgriff, Commander of the US Fifth Fleet, told Gulf News.

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