Pakistan: violence continues in Tribal Areas despite peace deal

Leaders of Pakistan’s Mamoond tribe, which straddles the Afghan border in the country’s Bajaur tribal district, signed an agreement with the government March 9 to end their insurgency, refuse shelter to foreign militants, and respect state authority. The pact commits the Mamoond to turn over key figures of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Bajaur, lay down arms, disband militant groups and shut militant training camps.

According to the second clause of the agreement, a copy of which was made available to Pakistani daily Dawn, TTP senior leadership in Bajaur, including Maulvi Faqir Muhammad and Maulvi Said Muhammad AKA Maulavi Omar, will surrender to the government. (AKI, March 10)

The same day the pact was signed, the Pakistani army killed at least six militants in a clash in the Bajaur area following an attack a security post in Nawagaie. This is the first clash in the region since late February when Taliban militants announced a unilateral truce in Bajaur. The Pakistani army killed hundreds of militants in an operation in Bajaur in August.

On March 8, militants killed 14 security men in the neighboring Mohmand agency. Analysts say militants have intensified their activities in Mohmand since the Bajaur ceasefire. (Press TV, Iran, March 9)

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