Our readers write: Will Israel attack Iran?

Three months ago we noted widespread rumors that Israel was preparing imminent air-strikes on Iran—particularly predicted for around the New Year—and asked our readers in an Exit Poll: “Will Israel attack Iran within the next three months?” We received 99 votes. The results follow:

No way, that’s anti-Semitic conspiracy theory: 15% (15 votes)
Definitely, and the US will immediately jump into the fray on Israel’s side: 36% (36 votes)
Yes, but the US won’t back Tel Aviv up: 17% (17 votes)
No, the Obama administration will rein Israel in: 31% (31 votes)

So the most pessimistic answer got the most votes. How does it feel to be wrong, all you paranoids? (Of course the joke will be on us if it happens next week…)

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