Oaxaca: Zapotecs build popular power in mountains

Traditional indigenous authorities from several communities in Oaxaca’s northern mountains met at Guelatao de Juarez Nov. 21 to formally inaugurate the Assembly of Zapotec, Mixe and Chinanteco Pueblos of the Sierra de Juarez, to support the popular struggle in the conflicted Mexican state. Announcing its affiliation with APPO, leaders said the organization would “seize” government offices throughout the region, and would continue the occupation of the federally-owned radio station based in Guelatao de Juarez, XEGLO, “La Voz de la Sierra,” which was taken over by protesters several days earlier.

The statement said this was “the first step in the organizational consolidation of the indigenous peoples of the Oaxacan mountains” and would “contribute to the strengthening of our respective processes of autonomy, reconstitution and development as peoples.” (Noticias de Oaxaca, Nov. 21)

Source archived at Chiapas95

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