Oaxaca: arson attack on APPO office

From El Universal, Sept. 10, via Chiapas95:

Unknown perpetrators attempted to burn down the offices of a leftist organization that is taking part in protests in Oaxaca City early Saturday. The door and main gate of offices belonging to the New Left of Oaxaca (NIOAX) were set afire but the blaze was put out before any real damage occurred.

The building also houses the offices Flavio Sosa and Ce’sar Mateos, the leaders of the Popular People’s Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO).

Mateos immediately blamed state government officials who they say are trying to scuttle mediation talks between APPO and the federal government.

“I am certain that want to put a stop to negotiations so they can retain control of the state treasury,” Mateos said.

Later Saturday, student groups from across the nation traveled to Oaxaca City to take part in this weekend’s 1st National Students Encounter, an event organized by APPO and striking teachers in Oaxaca.

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