Oaxaca: APPO calls for “peaceful insurrection”

The Popular People’s Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) issued a “call for a popular peaceful insurrection” Dec. 1 if the state’s governor, Ulises Ruiz, has not stepped down by then. The call steps up pressure on president-elect Felipe Calderon, already facing pledges from the left-opposition to resist his Dec. 2 inauguration with civil disobedience actions. Under the slogan “Si Ulises no se va, Calderón no pasará” (If Ulises does not go, Calderon will not pass), APPO pledged to organize a general strike throughout the state of Oaxaca. The statement said that even if the state’s striking teachers vote to return to classes, new strikes will extend to other labor sectors. The statement also demanded federal criminal charges against Ruiz for the assassinations of several APPO activists since the movement for his ouster was launched earlier this year. (La Jornada, Oct. 25 via Chiapas95)

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