Oaxaca: APPO activist freed from prison

<em>David Venegas</em>” title=”<em>David Venegas</em>” class=”image thumbnail” height=”100″ width=”73″></a><span class=David VenegasAfter nearly 11 months in prison, David Venegas Reyes, a leader of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO), was released from Santa María Ixcotel penitentiary, following the issuing of a judicial order (amparo) protecting him from further prosecution, citing insufficient evidence. The charges have not been formally dropped. (La Jornada, March 6) Vengas Reyes received threats on his life and those of his family while in detention last year. (Venegas Reyes letter, May 2, 2007, online at Casa de Paz, Chiapas)

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