No increase in oil-spill tax

Get this. The Senate fails to pass the new FAA reauthorization bill—because of “non-aviation provisions” that would have doubled the tax on oil spills, using the revenues to replenish the strapped Highway Trust Fund! And this is deemed so un-newsworthy (even with the headlines full of the Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday hoopla) that the only media outlets that even make passing note of it are aviation trade journals like Helicopter Association International (May 2). Now, surely this tax must be onerous, a true burden on the oil industry, right? Well, a Petroleum Marketers Association of America report of March 24, 2006 (when the tax was re-instated after a ten-year lapse) informs us that the current tax is…five cents per gallon (as opposed to 18.4 cents per gallon that consumers pay Uncle Sam at the pump). And with a significant reduction for “petroleum products” and “alternative fuels” such as ethanol and bio-diesel. Additionally, the oil companies are allowed to “pass on” the tax to consumers at the pump.

OK, now who exactly runs this country? Oh, that’s right, the Jews. We keep forgetting.

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