NIST releases WTC collapse study

The business-continuity newsletter Continuity Central and the ecologist are among the few media outlets to take note that the long-awaited study of why the World Trade Center collapsed has been released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The report notes that the unusual lack of internal support walls (a measure to increase office space) contributed to the collapse, and that lives were lost due to building occupants scrambling to find seemingly inadequate stairwells. Yet: “The report however did not blame the designers or builders for the WTC collapse…”

Sadly, the 9-11 conspiranoiacs who insist the towers were brought down by pre-placed explosives are thoroughly complicit in NIST’s cover-up, by letting the Port Authority and the Rockefellers off the hook for their criminal irresponsibility in risking human life in favor of office space.

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