Muslim-American views: poll results in eye of beholder

Interesting. A Pew survey finds that 87% of Muslim Americans polled (just some 1,000 out of the total 2 million-plus) condemn the practice of suicide bombings. But for those under 30, the 13% finding them sometimes justified doubles to 26%. So the lefty InterPress Service headline states: “Major Poll Finds U.S. Muslims Mostly Mainstream.” The reactionary New York Post editorializes May 23 (all caps in original, of course): “TIME BOMBS IN OUR MIDST”

The Post also makes much of findings “that only 40% of U.S. Muslims believe that Arabs carried out the 9-11 attacks. Another 28% don’t believe it and 32% said they had no view. Among 28% who doubted that Arabs were behind the conspiracy, one-fourth claim the U.S. government was responsible.”

We wonder if the results would be that different for the populace in general.

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