Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade unveils Internet edition

World War 4 Report editor Bill Weinberg, exiled from New York's WBAI-FM for his political dissent, has launched the first Internet edition of the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade, for the moment on YouTube. Many thanks to Stephen and Emerson Euphoria Sherman for production. In this initial episode, Weinberg relates the story of the radio show since its founding by Peter Lamborn Wilson more than 20 years ago, and explores the esoteric history of Moorish Orthodoxy and its links to the anarchist tradition. Some of the edits are a bit jumpy, but we believe it is an impressive first effort. Please note the annotations below, and tell us what you think.

ANNOTATION: The opening and closing theme music is "Mantra" by Bill Laswell's Material, from the album Hallucination Engine.The music in the intermission breaks is, respectively, the traditional and rock versions of Ceddin Dedin, military marching music of the Ottoman Empire.
ERRATUM: Of course, when I say "the Moorish kingdom of Naples with its capital at Palermo," I really meant "the Moorish kingdom of Sicily with its capital at Palermo." There was later a unified kingdom of Naples and Sicily, but that was under the Normans and Habsburgs, who succeeded the Moors as rulers of Siciliy. It was the Daily News, not Newsday, that covered my sacking from WBAI. —Bill Weinberg

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  1. Not bad at all
    This is a pretty good first run with the new platform and venue. Is this going to be a weekly thing like the radio show was? Off topic; what is with the rightwing ads talking about “Israel surrounded by enemies” on this website. I thought this was supposed to be left-leaning?