Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade on the struggle in North Africa

World War 4 Report editor Bill Weinberg, in the second Internet edition of the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade, discusses the emerging struggle for post-Qaddafi Libya and the potential for ethnic war as Arabs are pitted against Tuaregs and Berbers. He also looks at Western Sahara—North Africa's forgotten conflict—where the struggle of the Sahrawi people against the Moroccan occupation presaged the Arab Spring.

ANNOTATION: The music in the intermission breaks is, respectively, Group Doueh (Western Sahara) and Tinariwen (Tuareg from Mali).

ERRATUM: I repeatedly speak of the potential for "sectarian war," picking up on the media label from Iraq now being applied inappropriately in Libya, when the risk I am discussing is more properly termed one of "ethnic war." —Bill Weinberg

World War 4 Report is currently raising money to attend the ArTifariti Festival in rebel-controlled Western Sahara. If we are able to attend, we will have access to the Polisario Front leadership for interviews, and also hope to interview Berber leaders in Algeria. Please help us bring back some first-hand reportage from North Africa. We have to raise $2,000 by the end of the month—every little bit helps!


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