Michoacán cartel boss ‘killed’ —again!

Here we go again. Mexican authorities announced March 9 the death of Michoacán's top drug lord Nazario Moreno AKA "El Chayo" in a shoot-out that erupted when a mixed force of military and federal police troops raided his 44th birthday party in the pueblo of Apatzingán. Also known as "El Más Loco" (the Craziest One), "El Macho Loco" and "El Doctor," Moreno was the founder of both La Familia cartel and its offshoot, the Knights Templar. But there is an all-too-familiar sense of deja vu here: this is the second time that El Chayo was reported killed in a shoot-out with federal cops in Apatzingán. The first time was in December 2010, although authorities didn't produce the body. This time they have, and boast positive forensic identification. (Univision, March 10; BBC News, La Jornada, AP, Milenio, March 9)

Last month, Mexican authoriites announced the capture in Michoacán's state capital Morelia of another Knights Templar biggie, Dionisio Loya Plancarte AKA "El Tio"—who had also been reported killed in a shoot-out with army troops Apatzingán last year. It seems Mexican cartel kingpins, like Agent 007, only live twice.

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