Mexico: youths lynched in Chihuahua kidnapping

In the village of Ascensión, in northern Mexico’s Chihuahua state, some 300 residents beat to death two 17-year-old boys who reportedly had kidnapped a 17-year-old girl on Sept. 21. Federal police were sent to the area to respond to the incident and to calm the angry mob. The incident began when the girl was abducted from a local restaurant. The girl’s father alerted the authorities. In a car chase with police and army troops, the vehicle in which the kidnappers and the girl were in rolled over. The girl was released ans the two abductors arrested. But two others apparently involved in the kidnapping were seized and beaten by residents when their vehicle fell into a canal. The mob also blocked paramedics and emergency personnel from the scene. Two other suspects in the kidnapping remain at large. (El Paso Times, Sept. 22)

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