Mexico: Tijuana Cartel operative busted —as narco wars grind on

Isaac Manuel Godoy Castro, a mid-level operative of the Tijuana Cartel wanted in the US, was arrested by Mexican army troops in Tijuana April 24. His face appeared on a wanted poster released Jan. 11 by the DEA that showed the Tijuana Cartel’s leaders. Six other suspected members of the cell led by Godoy were also arrested. (EFE, April 24)

The arrest comes a week after least 13 people were killed in a gunbattle between the military and suspected drug traffickers in southern Mexican state of Guerrero. The clash occurred April 15 in San Nicolas del Oro, a town near the city of San Miguel Totolapan, during an operation by the security forces in the remote area. Guerrero’s Public Security Minister Juan Heriberto Salinas Altes said the clash started when the suspected drug traffickers opened fire on a military patrol near the town. The dead included 12 presumed narco gunmen and one soldier. The shooting happened just hours ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit to the country. (EFE, April 17)

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