Mexico: Tijuana Cartel kingpin busted

Mexican authorities say they have dealt a severe blow to the Tijuana Cartel with the arrest of Eduardo Arellano FĂ©lix, the last in a ruling clique of five brothers to be captured or killed by authorities in recent years. Arellano opened fire on soldiers and federal agents Oct. 25 as they raided a home in the upscale Tijuana suburb of Fraccionamiento Pedregal. After a shoot-out, Arellano—who had a $5 million US State Department price on his head—was subdued and flown to Mexico City. “He is pretty much the last major player of what was once the powerful Arellano FĂ©lix organization,” said Eileen Zeidler of the San Diego DEA office. (San Diego Union-Tribune, Oct. 27)

When brother Francisco Javier Arellano Felix was busted two years ago, we predicted that “his demise will merely set off a violent succession struggle.” Alas, we sure called that one right.

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