Mexico: Tamaulipas terror escalates

Two cars exploded Aug. 27 in Ciudad Victoria, capital of Mexico’s conflicted Tamaulipas state—one in front of the local office of the Televisa TV network, which was being guarded by a congingent of soldiers; the other in front of a municipal police station. No casualties were reported, but the blast at Televisa’s Canal 26 knocked out the signal for several hours. The blasts come as authorities are investigating the massacre of 72 Central and South American migrants in Tamaulipas this week.

The blasts bring a total of four car bombs in Mexico this year—the first was in July in Ciudad Juárez, killing four; the second two weeks ago in front of the Ciudad Victoria police headquarters, causing no casualties. (La Jornada, MSNBC Aug. 27)

Roberto Suárez, the attorney from the Tamaulipas Prosecutor General leading the investigation into the massacre of migrants, has gone missing and is feared dead, state officials said Aug. 27. Two of Mexico’s main newspapers, Reforma and El Universal, reported that Mexican marines found his body dumped along a highway near the ranch where the 72 bodies were discovered. Officials said they couldn’t confirm the reports. (WSJ, Aug. 27)

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