Mexico: steps towards justice in Atenco case

Federal judicial authorities in the State of Mexico have granted an amparo, or order of protection, to 27 residents of San Salvador Atenco village, giving immunity from arrest until charges against them are reviewed. The Ninth District court in Nezahualcóyotl found insufficient evidence for carrying out pending arrest orders for involvement in clashes with police at the conflicted village in May 2006. (La Jornada, Dec. 8) Two Atenco leaders, Felipe Álvarez Hernández and Ignacio del Valle Medina, were also cleared of charges of leading violent attacks on police in the disturbances. However, they remain incarcerated at Altiplano maximum security prison on charges of illegally detaining State of Mexico officials at the village a few weeks before the riots broke out. (La Jornada, Dec. 5)

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