Mexico: new death in Atenco case

State of Mexico authorities have confirmed the death of Olin Alexis Benhumea Hernandez, one of those detained in the state police incursion into the village of San Salvador Atenco May 4. Authorities cited “cardio-respiratory failure” as the cause of death, likely related to injuries suffered at the hands of the police. (APRO, June 7)

The left-opposition Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) is formally demanding that state of Mexico security chief Wilfrido Robledo step down and that an impartial investigation into the Atenco be launched. (La Jornada, June 8)

Atenco remains under police occupation, and Mexico state Gov. Enrique Pena Nieto says the police presence is required to maintain order and will be maintained indefinitely. (La Jornada, June 7)

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