Mexico: home destroyed at contested Juárez barrio

In an escalation of the land conflict at Lomas de Poleo community on the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez, on Dec. 4 demolition equipment was brought in—backed up by trucks full of henchmen with clubs, chains and rifles—to destroy the home of resident María Alvidres, who was away across the border in the US caring for an ill son. Resident Silvia Carrillo, who was looking after the house for Alvidres, returned from shopping to find the demolition underway. Residents say the gang was directed by Catarino Del Río, overseer for the brothers Pedro and Jorge Zaragoza Fuentes, local barons who claim the community’s lands. Residents called the police, but none ever arrived; when they protested to Del Rio, they were threatened at rifle-point. The residents report they have formally complained to Juárez municipal, Chihuahua state and Mexican federal authorities, but believe the Zaragoza brothers have “total impunity.” (Lomas de Poleo statement via Enlace Zapatista, Dec. 5)

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