Mexico: guerillas pledge to resist Calderon

From La Jornada, Aug. 1, via Chiapas95 (our translation):

Guerilla groups will “not permit the imposition”

Chilpancingo, Guerrero, July 31 — The guerilla organizations Revolutionary Workers Command “Mexico Barbaro”; the Comando Jaramillista Morelense “May 23”; the Popular Revolutionary Command “Fatherland is First”, and the Democratic Revolutionary Tendency-Army of the People called for the Mexican people to “not permit the conservative and reactionary right to impose a spurious president, and not accept, under any circumstances, the negation and mockery of the popular will as expressed at the ballot boxes. Do not even diminish your protests!” The communique warned: “if in spite of everything the men of power and money succeed in consumating the usurpation of the government of the Republic, let there be no doubt: sooner rather than later, they will face the consequences!”

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