Mexico: biggest “narco-grave” yet yields 51 bodies near Monterrey

After three days of searching, Nuevo León state police on July 25 uncovered a total of 51 bodies from a clandestine narcofosa (“narco-grave”) in a garbage dump in Benito Juárez municipality, outside Monterrey. There have been numerous such grisly findings in Mexico in recent months, but authorities say this was the biggest. Most of the bodies are of people age 20-30, and three are female. Some were some burned and mutilated. Police estimate they were buried within the past two weeks. Identification is pending forensic work.

Police say the dead are likely victims of Los Zetas narco gang, which has been waging a war in the region against a new alliance of rival organizations known as “The Resistance,” made up of the Gulf Cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel, La Familia and Los Valencia. (La Jornada, LAT, NYT, July 25)

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