Mexican media speculate on Tijuana bloodbath

A series of early-morning gun battles between presumed narco-gangsters in the busy streets of Tijuana—including one outside a hospital—left 15 dead and seven wounded April 26. Authorities are not releasing any of the names of the dead, but the local media are full of speculation. The national daily El Universal reported that the Sinaloa Cartel was to blame. Several newspapers reported that among the dead was Luis Alfonso Velarde (AKA El Muletas or “Crutches”), a reputed local drug lord with a handful of YouTube video tributes to his name. Another, even bigger local cartel operative nicknamed “Mr. Three Letters” might be dead too, along with “La Perra” (said to be a former city cop), reported El Sol de Tijuana. And they may all have been ambushed by another cartel leader known as “El Cholo.” (LAT, AP, April 28)

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