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  1. Reader testimonials

    The legendary lefty folksinger Dave Lippman this year became a Tier Two subscriber to the CounterVortex podcast on Patreon. He writes:

    I’m supporting Bill — he’s a reliable supporter of all honest forces for democracy and slices right through the campism, tankism, and generally cynical lying sacks of zombie ideology prevalent on the alleged Left. Wait, let’s be positive: Support indigenous rights, independent women’s autonomous zones, radical municipalist movements…..!! Go team!
    Subscribe to his rant, I mean podcast.

    Award-winning journalist Peter Gorman wrote from Texas:

    Thank you for all your work on the CounterVortex every week. If I had money I’d give it to you. I don’t, sorry. But I can say thank you. Your work is clear, informative, and a distillation of dozens of articles for each segment. And you appear to be the only writer spending the time to do it. It is well appreciated.

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