Kashmir: new terror blast follows border skirmish

Tanks rolled and fighter jets roared over India’s main ceremonial avenue in an annual Republic Day military parade Jan. 26—hours after Indian and Pakistani troops exchanged heavy fire in disputed Kashmir. A spokesman for the Indian border force said Pakistani troops fired to provide cover to militants trying to infiltrate into Indian-controlled Kashmir. But a Pakistani official said Indian forces used automatic weapons and mortar rounds in “unprovoked firing” that hit Bijhwat village near the Pakistani city of Sialkot. No casualties were reported. (Reuters, Jan. 26)

The following day, at least eight, including five police, were injured as security forces tried to defuse a bomb in the Rawalakot area of Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. Police were reportedly informed that a bomb were planted near a private school, and the device exploded as officers tried to disable it. Pakistan-controlled Kashmir has been the target of militants in recent months. Five other bombings have hit the region since last June. (Xinhua, Jan. 27)

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