Israeli mad scientists develop “bionic wasps”

Is this a great time to be alive or what? From The Independent, Nov. 19:

A high-tech and unmanned “bionic wasp” capable of destroying a cell of militants or guerrillas is among a series of futuristic weapons being discussed by a group of experts set up by the Israeli Deputy Prime Minister, Shimon Peres.

A spokeswoman for Mr Peres yesterday confirmed a report that the veteran politician had set up a 15-strong group of experts in security, high technology, business and academia to discuss the use of battlefield “nanotechnology”.

The report carried by the mass circulation daily Yedhiot Ahronot said the emerging technology would allow weapons, based on “building blocks” the size of a millionth of a millimetre, and of the sort that “one sees today only in science fiction films”.

It quoted Mr Peres, a holder of the Nobel Peace Prize, as telling a recent meeting: “The war in Lebanon proved that we need tiny weapons. There is no point in sending a hundred-million-dollar aircraft against a suicide terrorist. From this we will assemble the weapons of the future and also innumerable civilian developments. That is where the future is.”

The report said that Mr Peres was seeking to raise “hundreds of millions of dollars” to develop various ideas using the same technology. These included a miniature robot which “will be able to act as a drone”.

As for that Nobel Peace Prize jazz, we suppose Shimon Peres is at least slightly less ironic than Henry Kissinger.

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