Iraq’s civil resistance rejects security treaty

From the Iraq Freedom Congress, June 16:

On the US-Iraqi Treaty
The US administration plans to tie Iraq to a treaty that will guarantee a US military presence and political interference with absolute control of the wealth and resources of Iraq.

The proposed treaty reveals once again the disingenuous goals and incentives of the US-led war and occupation of Iraq. These goals have always contradicted the pretexts for invading Iraq such as searching for weapons of mass destruction, ridding Iraq of a dictatorship and, most absurdly of all—spreading democracy in the region.

This treaty is the US administration’s latest move to maintain its hegemony in the region through its military apparatus and imperialistic expansion.

The pro-occupation government considers a revocation of the sanctions that have been imposed since 1990 and restored sovereignty as justification for its willingness to sign such a treaty. Some opponents of the treaty point to certain clauses that it states degrade Iraq’s sovereignty. They say if some items were changed, it would be worth reconsidering their stance and perhaps they would approve such a disgraceful agreement.

On the other hand, the mullahs in Iran attempt through their allies and agents in Iraq to thwart the treaty so they can be the main player and alternative to the occupying forces.

Iraq Freedom Congress views the treaty which the US administration is pushing as an attempt to control the entire political, economic and security arteries through its military presence. The US hopes to act as a policeman in a region that is already inflamed by conflicts and wars. In addition, legitimizing troop existence will continue to jeopardize security in Iraq and the region in the long run. As a result, Iraq will continue to be a war zone where the terrorist groups launch their attacks on US-led occupying troops who represent the other pole of terrorism should these troops stay indefinitely in Iraq.

On the economic level, the wealth of society will be placed in the hands of a group of US mafia corporations and their brokers in the current puppet government. This will create a society dominated by poverty, hunger, unemployment, illiteracy, and debts.

At the political level, movements that call for freedom, equality and prosperity will be inevitably suppressed, since their demands would undermine the corporate privileges to continue stealing the society’s wealth. This will turn Iraq into a base of retroactivity in suppressing libertarian movements in the region.

Iraq Freedom Congress totally rejects such a treaty which openly undermines the interests of Iraqis and the region. Furthermore, signatories of this treaty from the Iraqi government or the National Assembly do not represent Iraqis nor do they have the mandate to speak for Iraqis.

The struggle to topple such a treaty is part of Iraq Freedom Congress’s struggle to expel the occupation and overthrow its projects.

There can be no security or stability without ending the occupation and sweeping out all of its projects.

Iraq Freedom Congress

June 16, 2008

Working For a Democratic, Secular and Progressive Alternative to both the US
Occupation and Political Islam in Iraq

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