Iraqi socialists kidnapped

From Socialism Now, the website of the Left Worker Communist Party in Iraq:

We denounce the Coward Terrorist Act
Of Kidnapping Two of our Comrades by a Militant Gang in Baghdad

On the morning of Wednesday, December 7, 2005 an armed gang of disguised men attacked our party office in Baghdad. The attack has caused the kidnapping of two comrades; Akram Faleh Khattab and Basim Khamees who were then present at the office. They were taken away to an unknown destination.

Our party, while investigating this kidnapping and its circumstances, warns the criminal gang of causing any harm to our comrades and demands their immediate release.

The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq considers this terrorist attack by the forces of the Dark Scenario and particularly the gangs of Political Islam to have happened at a time when the party is courageously and unequivocally confronting these dark forces and its inhumane plans in Iraq. The radical socialist position of our party has caused damage to the interests of these reactionary forces and stirred them to terrorize and silence this socialist and humane voice. They are committing this crime in order to prevent the ideas of equality, freedom, civility, socialism, and humanity from reaching the people through the use of kidnapping, assassinations, terrorism, and suppression.

The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq condemns this attack and pledges to pursue those who are responsible and hold them accountable. The terror of the Islamic gangs and the forces of Dark Scenario will only increase our commitment to press ahead with the struggle for socialism and for the full realization of freedom and equality to all people in Iraq.

Our party calls upon all national and international organizations and all workers, socialist, women organizations, and all those defending the dignity of the human being to denounce this coward terrorist act. Our party will unravel any upcoming information pertaining to this crime.

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