Iraqi Islamic Party calls for captives’ release

[Translation presented as received]

Statement number (112) issued from the Iraqi Islamic Party Regarding the kidnap of the Four Captives

By the time that the Iraqi Islamic Party calls upon all Muslims to give the best image that represents our religion by applying its values. It should be alerted from, that there are people working hardly to defame its [Islam] bright white image and exploiting any accident to do that, including kidnapping captives and especially the four members of an organization that calls for peace. Also they are from the anti-Iraq-war movements‚ activists in their countries, and from those who demand the end of occupation of Iraq and the end of violations that the people of Iraq have been subject to.

Therefore, the Iraqi Islamic Party calls upon the captors to free them, because the continuation of their detention will be a chance for the supporters of war on our country that the Iraqis don’t differentiate in their behaviors between those who are with them or those against them. On the contrary, the detention operation will have a huge negative impact especially on those who demand the end of occupation and the support of the wronged Iraqi people.

“Allah calls to the home of peace and guides whom He wills to a Straight Path.”[Surah Yunus, 25]

[Trans. courtesy Beirut Indymedia]

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