Iraq: mosque shot up; Sadr City mayor hurt in ambush

Five civilians were killed when gunmen opened fire targeting on Sunni worshippers coming out of Huthaifa mosque after noon prayers in al-Risala neighborhood of Baghdad March 13. Four civilians were also killed and four others wounded when a Katyusha rocket fell in Karrada Dakhil neighborhood of Baghdad. (NYT, McClatchy Newspapers, March 14) On March 16, gunmen ambushed a convoy that was carrying the mayor of Sadr City, Rahim al-Darraji, leaving him seriously wounded. Two bodyguards were killed in the attack, as was Lt. Col. Muhammad Motashar, director of the Sadr City police. Also March 16, Sabir al-Issawi, the head of Baghdad’s city council, was wounded when a car bomb exploded beside his convoy in the Karrada district, killing eight police and soldiers. (Press TV, Iran, March 16)

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